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OLQE 2020 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VISelf-Study
I passed all 5 Heads for the OLQE 2020 in one go while juggling a full-time workload. I have found the course material to be comprehensive, insightful, easy to understand and, more importantly, practical. I thought the course was well designed with relevant modules and information. They were designed to prepare the candidates for the questions they might encounter in the actual exams. The lectures, which were recorded because of COVID, were interesting, easily digestible and helped me progress at my own pace. Knowing how to properly apply the knowledge made me feel very confident and prepared going into the exam hall. The tutors' feedback were constructive and encouraging and the administrative staff at LexOmnibus were just superb. I am very grateful to Alfred, Davy, Donald, Justin and Senia. Do not be discouraged or overwhelmed by the seemingly impossible task of sitting 5 Heads in one go. These tutors have condensed 5 non-intuitive subjects into 5 simple curriculums. I would look no further than LexOmnibus if you intend to sit all 5 Heads.
Jason L, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2020 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VISelf-Study
Lex Omnibus does a great job distilling the overwhelming quantity of information in each OLQE Head into a structure that is much more manageable to grasp. With their help I was able to pass both OLQE Heads despite a Head I paper that focused on some unconventional issues (2020). The lecturers are very responsive to questions via email and have a genuine desire to help students understand the often difficult concepts. They also have a lot of experience marking the actual exams and this insight proved incredibly valuable.
Jason N, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2018 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VISelf-Study
Thumbs up for Lex Omnibus! Thanks to them, I passed all five heads of the OLQE - on my first attempt. Being an overworked full-time solicitor, I hardly have any time to prepare for the exam. If not for the brilliantly designed course and comprehensive course materials, I would not have done it. Besides, the course not only put me into a context in which I could grasp the essence of the content with ease but also help me acquire the exam requirements within a fairly short time frame. Thanks, Lex Omnibus
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2018 Head IHead VISelf-Study
It was upon a trusted friend's recommendation that I enrolled in the preparation course in OLQE offered by Lex Omnibus. And she has not failed me! My experience is that to benefit fully from the course, one should really take the time to go through all the videoed lectures, which are excellently prepared and delivered. It is, in my opinion, an indispensable part of the course.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2017 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VILive Lecture
I sat five heads of the OLQE and, thanks to the excellent lecturers, responsive support staff, realistic mock exams and detailed course notes at Lex Omnibus, passed all my exams in one go. I was also working full time while studying. The notes, combined with the face-to-face lectures, were comprehensive enough that I relied entirely on the course notes and did not have to open one textbook on the OLQE reading list. I highly recommend Lex Omnibus!
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2017 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VISelf-Study
It was a real challenge to juggle between work and study for all 5 papers for the OLQE 2017. With the help of Lex Omnibus and their well conducted online lectures and materials, I managed to pass all 5 of the required papers in one attempt. Special thanks to Professor Michael Wilkinson and Alfred who made the lectures entertaining and informative and further thanks to the well organised support team behind Lex Omnibus who were very efficient and well organised.
, - Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2017 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VILive Lecture
LexOmnibus OLQE excellent teaching team was the main reason that I could pass all five Heads. Professor Wilkinson is the extremely knowledgeable professor on conveyancing who helped me immensely in preparing for the notoriously difficult OLQE Head I examination. I truly recommend LexOmnibus OLQE.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2017 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VISelf-Study
I highly recommend LexOmnibus. Due to my work schedule I could only attend online (through both the live and the recorded videos), yet the course materials are clear and comprehensive. I could pass all Heads within a limited timeframe through online attendance and studying those well designed course materials.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2017 Head IHead VISelf-Study
I am so grateful for the dedication of the lecturers at LexOmnibus. Examination technique was one of the main focuses for passing the OLQE examination. Also LexOmnibus support team was friendly and helpful.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2016 Head IHead VILive Lecture
I had been recommended the LexOmnibus course, and was not disappointed. The team is very responsive and friendly, and the course was helpfully designed with the exams in mind. The material (particularly Conveyancing) was thorough and the mock exams and feedback sessions were a good way to prepare for the exam. Would recommend it to others who are planning on sitting the OLQE.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2016 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VILive Lecture
Sitting five heads of the OLQE was quite a daunting task and the lecturers at LexOmnibus pulled no punches in letting us know that. If you're serious about passing the OLQEs, I can't recommend LexOmnibus enough. Many thanks also to the staff for keeping things organised and running smoothly!
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2016 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VILive Lecture
I thank Lex Omnibus, and in particular, Michael Wilkinson, Davy Wu and Ian Lee, for helping me to pass all 5 heads. What I found particularly helpful about the Lex Omnibus courses were the revision classes spent doing past exam papers. Given the breadth of the exam syllabus it is impossible to study everything - this is why the lecturers' practical, exam-focused approach is very helpful. The mock exam system was also very good at encouraging us to do some early revision and to shock us into working harder for the real exams! I think Lex Omnibus' OLQE courses were very thoughtfully designed and I highly recommend them.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2016 Head IHead IVLive Lecture
I was very happy with Lexomnibus' course organisation, materials and lecturers - thanks to all!
S. Ryan
OLQE 2016 Head IIHead IVSelf-Study
I couldn't have passed the OLQE so smoothly without taking your courses. I will definitely recommend them to others.
Mr. Usui, Foreigner Lawyer
OLQE 2015 Head IHead VILive Lecture
Professor Wilkinson is very familiar with the content and structure of the examination. You really should not miss the revision sessions and the mock examination. They helped me a lot in preparation for the exam.

I also want to thank Ellen and Kate for all the administration work. They are very responsive. Thanks to LexOmnibus!
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2015 Head IISelf-Study
Good to have Michael and Alfred as the lecturers of Civil Procedure to go through the past papers with us. I have benefited a lot from both of them.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2015 Head IHead VILive Lecture
A big thank to Michael for helping me pass the exam. His notes are really helpful. It was enjoyable to attend his lectures.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2015 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VISelf-Study
It's really tough to sit all five heads of OLQE. Thanks to Lex Omnibus, I managed to pass the exams on the first attempt. The courses are well organized. Presenters are experienced and engaging, especially Professor Michael Wilkinson!
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2015 Head IHead VILive Lecture
Michael lived up to his entirely deserved reputation as the best lecturer there is for the OLQE conveyancing exam. He went above and beyond to ensure we all felt as prepared as possible for the exam, and managed to make the process as painless as possible too. I cannot imagine preparing for the exam without the benefit of his insight and support

The Lex Omnibus team behind the scenes were incredibly well organised and were always accessible and available throughout the course. They helped to ensure the whole process was as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend them
Helen Colquhoun, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2015 Head IHead VILive Lecture
Michael is extremely knowledgeable and wise, blended with a sense of humour, which made the lecture vivid and enjoyable
Selina Huang, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2014 Head ISelf-Study
Thank you to Michael who managed, against the odds, to keep me interested enough in the subject to pass!
, Partner at an International Firm
OLQE 2014 Head ILive Lecture
I cannot imagine passing this exam without all the awesome knowledge Professor Wilkinson passed onto us!
, A Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2014 Head IHead IILive Lecture
Michael is not only extremely knowledgeable, but approachable and showed genuine concern for the candidates. His lectures were well paced and thorough.

Alfred's lectures were engaging despite an extremely broad subject matter. His detailed understanding of the litigation process and relevant rules was impressive and he was always willing to help.
, A Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2014 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVLive Lecture
I managed to pass all four heads on the first attempt, while simultaneously working very long hours. There is no way I could have done that without the help of LexOmnibus-the courses are very focused, the speakers are very engaging and everyone is very helpful.
, A Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2014 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVSelf-Study
A big thank you to LexOmnibus for their assistance in helping me to pass all four heads on the first attempt! The clear course materials along with knowledgeable lecturers were vital in getting me up to speed on the exam syllabus. In particular, I would like to say a special thank you to Michal Wilkinson who made the unbearably complicated subject of Conveyancing somewhat palatable!!
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2014 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVSelf-Study
Lexomnibus helped me pass all four heads at first attempt. Special thanks to Michael and Alfred, they are very knowledgeable, humorous and provided students with practical examination-oriented tips.
OLQE 2014 Head ILive Lecture
Interesting lectures, comprehensive notes, practical tips, flexibility of attending lectures or watching online and the support provided by the team at LexOmnibus make the LexOmnibus courses an essential part of passing the OLQE. Michael Wilkinson is the only person in Hong Kong worth listening to when it comes to OLQE conveyancing not only for his knowledge but for his ability to keep everyone engaged.
Georgina Ward, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2013 Head ISelf-Study
Lexomnibus helped me pass the OLQE exam with minimum effort.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2013 Head ILive Lecture
I just wanted to say thanks for the helpful notes for Head I and also the excellent lectures provided by Prof. Wilkinson.

I did not have time to attend classes in person, and therefore did not have the pleasure of meeting Prof. Wilkinson in person. His detailed lecture notes (textbook included) and thoughtful (and humorous) recorded lectures were a tremendous help to me.
Ben , A Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2013 Head ILive Lecture
I am happy to say that I was impressed with the classes which Mike ran for Head I conveyancing, and I think that his knowledge and familiarity with the content and style of the exam as well as the law was invaluable- especially for spotting loopholes, and trick questions! The materials provided also gave a really good basis for revision, and were very helpful in the exam too. LexOmnibus were also helpful in terms of administration, and setting up online access for me as and when I needed it. Thanks to all. I am very relieved to have passed.
Hannah , Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2013 Head ILive Lecture
Thanks to Lex Omnibus for helping me pass the Head I Conveyancing Exam 2013. Professor Wilkinson was pivotal in making Saturday classes a little less painful to attend. His course notes are really all you need to pass. He makes an otherwise dreary topic seem fun and interesting!
Sam , Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2013 Head IHead IIISelf-Study
The courses offered by Lex Omnibus are well structured and managed. The speakers are very knowledgeable and well prepared, keeping us informed of the most up-to-date legislative changes and judgments necessary for the exams. The administrative staff are extremely helpful and responsive, which is highly valuable for someone like me who reside overseas. A big thank you to you all.
Grace Ma
OLQE 2013 Head ISelf-Study
Professor Wilkinson has an extraordinary talent for making an otherwise dull subject both engaging and memorable. The course is absolutely first rate, and their historical success rate reflects that. Any practitioner wishing to sit the OLQE should be strongly advised to sign up for the Lex Omnibus course. The course is extremely well managed; the lecture handouts are well laid out and comprehensive, and the ability to watch and re-watch lectures on the internet is invaluable to practitioners who travel a great deal.
Colin Riegels, Partner
OLQE 2013 Head ISelf-Study
Being an overseas candidate sitting for the OLQE exams, and not having the benefit of being based in HK to attend lectures/classes in person, Lex Omnibus' online video course was invaluable in helping and allowing me to learn and understand the key concepts and rules on the exam subjects remotely, and ultimately in ensuring that I passed the exams. The staff from Lex Omnibus is efficient and helpful in answering queries and providing materials and support. More importantly, in Michael Wilkinson, Lex Omnibus has in my view, one of (if not) the best tutor whom is not only knowledgeable, but also a master at explaining difficult and complex concepts simply and succinctly. Michael's lectures are easy to understand and he has remarkable skill and technique in teaching candidates how to approach and handle exam questions. Michael and Lex Omnibus were critical in my preparation for, and eventual success in passing, the OLQE exams. It has been a pleasure taking the Lex Omnibus course and learning from Michael. I will certainly recommend Lex Omnibus and Michael to everyone and anyone planning to take the OLQE exams!
Wilson Wong, Inhouse Counsel
OLQE 2013 Head ILive Lecture
Thanks Michael very much for his great teaching and comprehensive lectures. His classes were very enjoyable. The classes really helped with the exam and again thank you guys and Michael.
Jenny Yu
OLQE 2012 Head ILive Lecture
Michael taught me so well that I passed without even finishing the exam. It was amazing!
A Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2012 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVSelf-Study
I signed up for the Lexomnibus course because of Micheal Wilkinson's reputation as the best conveyancing teacher around. I was very happy to discover that all the Lex teachers were equally impressive. Their lectures combined with the through and easy to follow teaching materials meant I was able to pass the OLQE first time.
A Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2012 Head IIHead IVLive Lecture
I lost one year preparing Head II and Head IV with another preparation than Lexomnibus. Lexomnibus preparation is efficient as it equips you with the tools you need to pass (with also a good amount of personal work). The course material for Head II - criminal and civil - is especially well thought. A special thanks to Tony (criminal procedure) who made his subject approachable.
Maeva Slotine, Partner, Ginestie Magellan Paley-Vincent
OLQE 2012 Head ILive Lecture
Following many friends' recommendation, I chose Lexomnibus to prepare for Conveyancing. Lexomnibus and Michael Wilkinson didn't let me down--the notes were thorough and well-organized, the lectures given by Michael were clear and somewhat entertaining which made the preparation was not that boring, the online lectures were absolutely helpful for a busy lawyer and, the LexOmnibus staff were very responsive and supportive. LexOmnibus is for sure a good choice.
Lucy Lu, Latham & Watkins Hong Kong
OLQE 2012 Head ILive Lecture
I took Conveyancing with Lex Omnibus and passed the exam. I really appreciated
your kind help organizing the lectures. Please also tender my best regards and appreciation to Michael. He is the best! The notes are very clear and well organized. Without the lectures and the notes, I couldn't pass the exam.
An in-house Counsel
OLQE 2011 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VSelf-Study (PRC)
Many thanks for Lex Omnibus and its speakers' quality courses for my OLQE preparation. The preparatory course are necessary for every OLQE candidate.
OLQE 2011 Head ILive Lecture
Enthusiastic and entertaining, Michael is a great lecturer whose well-organized and comprehensive notes and exam taking tips made it achievable to pass the Conveyancing exam. The LexOmnibus OLQE Team was very supportive and dedicated during -and after- the entire 2011 OLQE preparatory course. Thank you all!
Xavier Amadei, Solicitor at an international law firm
OLQE 2011 Head ILive Lecture
Thorough and well organised noted notes and a well prepared, expert and somewhat entertaining lecturer in Michael Wilkinson allowed me to enter the exam with a level of confidence I otherwise would not have had. Having the flexibility to view lectures online when my schedule did not permit me to attend in person was very helpful.
Ilan Freiman
OLQE 2011 Head ILive Lecture
I would like to say that the Head I preparatory course was very well run and extremely effective. Michael Wilkinson is a legend. He explains things very well and is able to translate complex legal issues into simple examples with plain language. A big thank you from me.
B Guan, Hogan Lovells
OLQE 2011 Head IHead IIILive Lecture
Words cannot express my gratitude to Lexomnibus for providing such a well organised and informative course. Without attending the course, it would be impossible for me to pass the OLQE at first attempt( I had to do Head I and III) as I had to juggle between full time IPO work, OLQE as well as looking after my 2 years old son.

Special thanks to Michael who has managed to make conveyancing a "sexy" subject and Robert for his effort in trying to squeeze such a wide subject into a short period of time. Also thanks to Lexomnibus for allowing me to attend relevant CPD courses for free! The course has provided not only a way to pass the OLQE but has also broaden my legal knowledge. Thank you!
Olivia Kung
OLQE 2011 Head ISelf-Study (Hong Kong)
Lexomnibus were very helpful from the start of enrolling for the exams to following up on post-exam matters. The notes provided were invaluable and presented in a flexible and informative manner. Clearly made the whole experience alot easier.
Alex Lee, Associate Director, ANZ
OLQE 2011 Head ILive Lecture
I would like to thank Lex Omnibus for helping me prepare for my Head I: Conveyancing Exam. The OLQE Conveyancing Exam has a reputation for being the most difficult head for the OLQE examination. The Lex Omnibus course was excellent in helping me prepare for the exam. Michael Wilkinson's lectures were delivered in a clear, systematic and comprehensive manner. His notes were also comprehensive and very easy to follow and navigate through. I was not required to read other books or sources in preparing for the exam. Michael also went through all of the past exam papers and allowed us to do a mock exam for him to mark. Having been in private practice for the last 11 years, I have forgotten about my examination technique from my university days. I found Michael's comments concerning examination technique invaluable in my exam preparation. The Lex Omnibus staff were also extremely helpful.
Vincent Liu, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2011 Head ISelf-Study (Hong Kong)
Michael Wilkinson is a great lecturer; I really liked his practical approach to the course, and his lecture delivery was top notch. The little anecdotes made the otherwise mundane topics enjoyable.
Bernard Ng, Wells Fargo
OLQE 2011 Head ILive Lecture
The course is a must for anybody serious about passing the OLQE.

Michael Wilkinson is excellent and makes a very tough, academic course fun and interesting and gives the candidate all the armoury necessary to prepare for and pass the exam. That's all one can ask for.
Rufus Southwood, in-house lawyer at an international bank
OLQE 2011 Head IHead IIIHead IVSelf-Study (Hong Kong)
Thank you Lex Omnibus, for providing a such a first class preparatory course to help students pass the notoriously difficult OLQE.

The comprehensive notes prepared by Lex Omnibus' dedicated lecturers were indispensible and a tremendous help to passing the exams.

I appreciated the emails with useful updates that kept me well informed throughout the course, and help was not far away as we could email our lecturers and received a prompt response.

A special thanks to the Lex Omnibus team for making the whole experience positively memorable. I would highly recommend Lexomnibus!
L. Wong
OLQE 2010 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVLive Lecture
I sat all four heads of OLQE in 2010 and passed them in the first attempt. I would like to thank LexOmnibus, which made it achievable to prepare for four exams while working full time. The courses were very well organized with dedicated tutors and sufficient (but not overwhelming) reference materials.

My special thanks to Caroline, Ellen and Alex - thank you very much for helping and accompanying us through the "schooling" evenings and exam panics. OLQE is a challenging test that no body wants to take it twice, but you have made it a memorable and rewarding experience for many of us!
Maggie Dou, Associate, Allen & Overy
OLQE 2010 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVSelf-Study
Lexomnibus has done a wonderful job in bringing together a group of presenters who can teach the course in a comprehensive way without burdening the student with too much materials! The tutors are engaging and excellent, and the staff are helpful!
Andrew C.
OLQE 2010 Head ILive Lecture
I attended the conveyancing course and think Michael is a fantastic lecturer.
Emily Cheung, Hogan Lovells
OLQE 2010 Head ISelf-Study
I was a Distance Learning student for Head I and I found the LexOmnibus materials invaluable study tools. The Q&A sessions just before the exam were also very helpful. Thank you LexOmnibus!
Jae Lemin, Associate, Latham & Watkins Hong Kong
OLQE 2010 Head IVSelf-Study
I can't imagine not taking the course from LexOmnibus where I get the necessary guidance to prepare for the OLQE Head IV exam. You would not be surprised that they are concerned about you and dedicated for the very same thing I have in mind for joining the course - passing the exam and I passed.
J. Yu
OLQE 2010 Head ISelf-Study
The lectures were well presented. The detailed course materials cover a broad range of subject matters, which helped me greatly on the current state of conveyancing law in Hong Kong. Michael was both informative and entertaining. Despite the long hours of the lectures, I thoroughly enjoyed the video series. This was a very cost-effective way for me to prepare for the exam at my leisure from a distant time zone. Highly recommended.
Kam W. Li, Partner, Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP
OLQE 2009 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVSelf-Study
The OLQE is well-known for its difficulty - it is a challenge to pass any head of the OLQE (let alone all four heads). And that's already assuming that you are able to commit to full-time study of the materials required to pass the exams - the difficulty is compounded if you are required to balance a full-time job as well. LexOmnibus' OLQE preparatory course was indispensable in helping me to prepare for the exams. The course materials were helpful and the lecturers made it all much easier to understand. I was able to sit and pass all four heads in one sitting.
Bernard Luk, Solicitor at an international law firm
OLQE 2009 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVLive Lecture (New Zealand)
I sat all four heads of OLQE in 2009 and with the assistance of LexOmnibus preparatory materials, I passed on the first attempt!
Yeah!! Strongly recommended to those who are considering of sitting these difficult exams this year.
Placida Lam
OLQE 2009 Head ILive Lecture
It was a challenging and stimulating course, which I enjoyed very much. Professor Wilkinson was very practical and exam focussed. He was able to convert interesting legal ideas and issues in the case law into real and succinct question and answer techniques and approaches for the exam.
Paul , Senior Associate at an international law firm
OLQE 2009 Head ISelf-Study
Professor Michael Wilkinson manages to make Conveyancing one of the most interesting and dare I say entertaining legal courses I have ever participated in. The complexities and intricacies of Conveyancing in Hong Kong are unlike anything I have come across in other common law jurisdictions and Michael manages to present the materials in a logical and comprehensible way. The course delivery, content and practice exam ensures that candidates are in an excellent position to pass the exam.
Anne Salt
OLQE 2008 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVSelf-Study (New Zealand)
I sit all four heads in one sitting and as you can appreciate it was an extremely stressful and horrifying experience. But fortunately Michael, David and Amanda made Head I, II and IV interesting and provided a very comprehensive set of materials. They are all knowledgeable and passionate about their subject. I am a self-funded student and when i first saw the flyer, i think oh my god, the LexOmnibus course is so expensive but after attending the course, I can assure you that you will get more than what you pay for. It is definitely money well spent. Like me, home study but pass all four heads in one go. All lecturers provided timely response to email questions and they always encourage questions and discussions during class. Special thanks to Caroline who gave me plenty of encouragements, supports and tips from enrolment through to the date I got my result. My heartfelt thanks to you all and do keep up the good work.
Cindy Leung
OLQE 2008 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVSelf-Study (Shanghai)
I signed up with LexOmnibus for the 2008 OLQE Head I-IV preparatory course and I PASSED the exams!

The whole course was organized and designed very well, with the aim of teaching candidates how to successfully tackle real examination questions. The course materials provided were extremely clear, practical and well presented. I was impressed and grateful to LexOmnibus for the DVDs for self-study.

At the end of the course, a mock exam was held for each of the Heads and each candidate's paper was genuinely marked and commented by the lecturers. The mock exams really helped me appreciate the examined issues that I needed to pay attention to.

The administration staff were exceptionally knowledgeable and accessible. Throughout the whole course, LexOmnibus encouraged candidates and provided them with a means in which to discuss their questions with the lecturers.

I highly recommend this course for everyone preparing for the Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination in HK.
Shabana Melwani
OLQE 2008 Head ILive Lecture
I would like to thank Lex Omnibus for the excellent preparatory course. The course was well organised and Michael Wilkinson was simply excellent, making the subject so interesting and exciting. I really appreciated his practical approach, focusing not only on the course content but also the strategies for taking the exam, as well as understanding his target audience - practicing lawyers who are trying to balance work, life and somewhat inconvenient conveyancing exams!
Tatiana Kilian, Associate, Richards Butler in association with Reed Smith LLP
OLQE 2008 Head ISelf-Study
Michael Wilkinson was wickedly funny and he helped maintain interest in an otherwise unexciting subject. As a Home Study student, Caroline Ma's support in ensuring that I received the DVDs on time and had my questions answered by Michael was also vital. Many thanks to you both!
Coral Toh, Managing Director, Ella Cheong (Hong Kong, Beijing)
OLQE 2008 Head ILive Lecture
The LexOmnibus Conveyancing course was focused, well organized and well structured. The course materials were comprehensive without being excessive. Combine that with Michael Wilkinson's style, knowledge of the subject matter, and intimacy with the OLQE process, and it is difficult to imagine a better choice of preparatory course.
James Gaden
OLQE 2008 Head ILive Lecture
Attending the LexOmnibus course was invaluable in passing the OLQE Head I exam. The course was well thought out and designed to assist busy lawyers taking the exam to use their time most effectively. LexOmnibus is centrally located. The lecturers provided top quality course materials. The lectures were focused, interactive and fun.
Paul L.
OLQE 2007 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVLive Lecture
The OLQE is notoriously difficult to pass. Having to sit for all 4 Heads while juggling with a hectic job is definitely a challenge. Signing up for LexOmnibus' OLQE course proved to be an excellent choice. The courses were well planned and excellent lecturers such as Professor Michael Wilkinson made the lessons easy and enjoyable. The materials given were also easily to understand and extremely helpful when preparing for the exams. I passed all 4 Heads in one sitting: the result speaks for itself.
Benjamin Cheong, Baker McKenzie
OLQE 2007 Head ILive Lecture
The course was thorough, well organised, and it was reassuring to know that all the essentials were covered. I did not have to read or study any materials beyond the course materials, which was a great relief.
Abdulali Jiwaji, Senior Associate, Allen & Overy

Examination Date
Important Dates
  • Opening date for lodging application to sit the 2022 Examination4 Feb 2022 (Fri)
  • Closing date for lodging the application to sit the 2022 Examination29 Apr 2022 (Fri)
  • Closing date for registration to sit the 2022 OLQE Examinations31 Aug 2022 (Wed)
  • Issue of candidate slips23 Sep 2022 (Fri)
  • Last date to advise on disability23 Sep 2022 (Fri)
  • Last day to withdraw from Examiantion to be eligible for a partial refund of registration fee 11 Oct 2022 (Tue)
  • Provisional date for release of the results 10 Mar 2023 (Fri)